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If you are looking for removal of redundant pallets or Supply of quality pallets in Middlesex and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place.

Our Services

A J Day & Son have many years of practical experiences in pallet services, and have become one of the most popular pallet removal companies in Middlesex. Their comprehensive pallet removal service in Middlesex is well appreciated by our clients and most would return without hesitation. All unwanted or damaged pallets are removed and taken into A J Day & Son depots for analysis. All the pallets after entering the depots are looked at thoroughly to see if they could be repaired, the broken pallets are repaired and then placed into stock. Our Pallet recycling in Middlesex is one of our most popular services with our clients. From preserving our natural resources to finding a new and cost saving measure, we initiate an intensive recycling program to protect the environment. Our pallet yard in Middlesex has huge collections of timber pallets.
Our various Pallet services are –
• Pallet recycling in Middlesex
• Pallet clearance in Middlesex
• Pallet removal in Middlesex
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